The following are samples of the technological solutions we have provided on different sectors and have passed the assessment stage where the an evaluation was done on the problem and the solution. Each of these prototypes has undergone all necessary functionality and safety checks and to the best of our knowledge are the best solutions to the respective problems.


A solar powered mobile milk collection system and cooler with automated milk quality checker and SMS notification.

K6 Jiko

An electric cooking stove entirely powered by solar enery that can also be used for domestic appliances and lighting

GI Water Purity Kit

An Artificial Intelligence centered water purity standardization tool for chemical , turbidity and microbial composition analysis.

R3 Rustler Drone

An intelligent autonomous drone with a mission to counter cattle rustling among pastoral communities.

Clear Skies drone

Air pollutants hunting drone that sniffs and identifies areas of high concentration of carbondioxide and neutralizes it.


Solar powered mobile phone charging hat and powerbank with the ability to charge two mobile phones at a time

Bila-Pressure solar car wash system

A youth empowerment system that uses free energy(solar) to employ youth in car washing business under the control of a software that also runs a SACCO.

Yamama milk cooler

An addition to maziwaplus for farmers who would not afford motorcycles and use donkeys to transport their milk. has all maziwaplus functionalities

Green City

An eco-friendly solid waste incinerator that turns waste to electricity used for street lighting in cities and revenues through coin operated charging slots

Solar drier

A solar powered drier for farmers in dry rural areas. Can be used in drying all kinds of agricultural produce for storage. it has an inbuilt automated regulator programmed with ideal drying temperatures for different produce.



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