Maziwa Plus

A dairy farmer`s ultimate tool to maximized profits

Best features

Zero Spoilage

Our solar powered chilling on transit solution ensures that farmers do not lose their milk through spoilage.

Accountability and Trust

we have been able to create trust between producers and processors through our M-app that ensures traceability of milk collection from farm level to the factory

Access to credit facilities

Through our data collection system, farmers can be able to access financial facilities by use of their statements and credit scoring done by our Artificial Intelligence backed system.

M-Plus System

AN Integrated Dairy Farming Knowledge Base

This is a rich database of farmers records spanning from their location to their daily collections. Field agents (riders) collect these data using the app during farmers registration and assign each farmer a unique supply number that will be used as reference in all transactions.

We have created a knowledge base from this database that can be used to predict dynamics in dairy farming, average yield per dairy cow, early warning to farmers as well us for credit scoring. this is made possible by a learning system with an algorithm of 89% accuracy level.

How it works


Farmer resgistration

A farmer provides personal and farm information to the agents and is given a unique identifier generated by the system after which their location is automatically picked by the registration app.


farmer login

The agent feeds in farmers supply number to load their profile before making a collection or when viewing statements.


milk collection

The agent checks the quality and quantity of the milk before recording the collection against the farmer`s supply number


receipt and update

As the farmer is uploaded to the cloud database, the farmer receives an electronic receipt in form of SMS detailing; the day`s collection, total monthly collection as at the moment and the equivelent amount of money the farmer expects at the prevailing rate

Our Team


Co-founder & C.E.O.

(Lead Engineer)


Co-founder & C.O.O

(market and research)


Field Manager