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Savanna Circuit Technologies provides hardware and software solutions for use in post-production across the supply chain for aggregation, chilling on transit, and performance management. Our cutting-edge solar cooling milk chillers, solar dryers, and dairy management systems add value and provide more income to youth and smallholder farmers. Additionally, our solutions are designed to automate processes for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Savannah Circuit MaziwaPlus Prechiller

Business Model

Our business model is built around providing exceptional products and services to our customers.

Business Model

  • Direct Sale.
  • Lease.
  • Hire Purchase.
  • Asset financing.

Our Products

We Deliver Sustainable Dairy and Drying Solutions to Maximize Potential and Create Lasting Impact.

Savannah Circuit MaziwaPlus Prechiller

MaziwaPlus Prechillers

MaziwaPlus Prechillers are the epitome of innovation in the dairy industry. Their cutting-edge design offers farmers a solution to chill their milk even in remote areas efficiently.

maziwaplus prechiller pro

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro is an advanced and high-quality milk chilling solution designed to meet the demands of dairy farmers and processors.

Eco-sav Universal Chiller Box

Eco-Sav Universal Chiller Box

Eco-Sav Universal Chiller Box is a versatile and sustainable solution for keeping perishable items cool and fresh. It has a 100L capacity, making it a versatile and multi-use chiller.

Savannah Circuit MaziwaPlus BMC Hybrid

MaziwaPlus BMC Hybrid

MaziwaPlus BMC Hybrid is an innovative and sustainable milk-cooling solution designed to meet the needs of dairy farmers and processors. It is designed to work with both single and 3-phase power.

Solar Dryer

Eco-Sav Solar Dryer

Eco-Sav Dehydrator is a highly advanced and improved solar dryer designed to help preserve food and improve drying. It is designed to quickly and efficiently dehydrate food ensuring superior–quality results.

MaziwaPlus BMC Solar bulk milk chiller

MaziwaPlus BMC Solar

MaziwaPlus BMC Solar is a custom solar milk cooler designed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for milk chilling. The milk cooler is designed to provide efficient and reliable cooling.

Eco-sav milk Pasteurizer

Eco-Sav Pasteurizer

It is a batch pasteurizer made from ground breaking technology of waste heat management. It is a motorbike pasteurizer powered by exhaust heat from the motorbike to allow pasteurization and homogenization to allow access to safe milk for public consumption.

The MaziwaPlus Dairy Management System
Geo-mapping milk collection

The MaziwaPlus Dairy Management System (M+DMS)

The MaziwaPlus Dairy Management System (M+DMS) is a comprehensive solution that has been designed specifically to help dairy farmers and businesses manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. The system is a multiplatform AI-enabled system that provides a one-stop access to management, aggregation, and point-of-sale services. This helps to promote transparency, traceability, learning and growth within the dairy industry.

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We strive to develop solutions that are designed to help you optimize performance and maximize efficiency, all while delivering the highest quality products and services.

Savanna Circuit MaziwaPlus Prechiller

We offer

  • Direct Purchase.
  • Lease-Rental.
  • Cooling as a service.