Solar Milk Chiller

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro is an advanced and high-quality milk chilling solution designed to meet the demands of dairy farmers and processors. It features Aisi SS 304/316 fabrication, which ensures durability and longevity. With a 600AH battery set, the prechiller can run for up to 14 hours continuously, even without access to electricity.

Mobile Dairy Milk Chiller

Key Features

This is cool and chilling on the go.


  • Aisi ss 304/316 fabrication.
  • 600AH battery set.
  • CIP cleaning system.
  • ATM system on request.
  • Remote quality IoT tracker fitted.
  • 96hrs raw milk hold time.
  • 800W body-mounted solar cells.
  • Up to 14hrs continuous running time.
  • Solar powered.

Beyond refrigeration

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro is equipped with a CIP cleaning system to maintain milk quality and hygiene. An ATM system is available on request for added convenience. The solar milk chiller also includes a remote quality IoT tracker, which allows users to monitor and track the quality of their milk in real time. With 800W body-mounted solar cells and 96hrs raw milk hold time, the MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro is an efficient and effective solution for dairy production and preservation.

Solar Milk  Chiller Key Benefits

The MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro offers several benefits to its users, including:
Improved Milk Quality and Safety: The use of Aisi ss 304/316 fabrication, coupled with the efficient chilling technology, results in improved milk quality and safety.
Increased Milk Shelf Life: The use of the long-life battery set (600AH) and solar-powered system enables the milk chiller to maintain the optimal temperature for longer, increasing the shelf life of the milk.
Cost Savings: The milk chiller reduces energy and fuel costs, providing cost savings to the user.
Solar Power: The use of solar power ensures reliable and convenient operation while reducing dependence on external power sources.
Enhanced Performance: The CIP cleaning system and remote quality IoT tracker fitted to the prechiller enhance performance management.
Increased Holding Time: The prechiller can hold raw milk for up to 96 hours, which can be beneficial in areas where regular delivery is challenging.
Long Running Time: The 800W body-mounted solar cells provide up to 14 hours of continuous running time, making the dairy chiller a reliable and convenient solution for farmers.
Customization: The ATM system on request and other features allow customization to meet specific needs and requirements.

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro – Milk Chiller  FAQs

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro is a high-quality milk chilling solution for dairy farmers and processors. It provides efficient milk cooling and preservation to ensure quality and safety.

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro features a 600AH battery set, enabling it to run continuously for up to 14 hours, even without electricity access. This feature makes it ideal for use in areas without reliable electricity supply.

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro uses Aisi SS 304/316 fabrication, a high-grade material that ensures durability and longevity, making it ideal for the milk chiller and milk cooling applications.

The prechiller can hold raw milk for up to 96 hours, ensuring that farmers can preserve their milk without worrying about spoilage. This feature is crucial, especially in areas where regular delivery is challenging.

The use of solar power in MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro ensures reliable and convenient operation while reducing dependence on external power sources. This feature makes it ideal for use in remote areas.

MaziwaPlus Prechillers Pro is powered by solar energy, reducing energy and fuel costs and providing a reliable and convenient dairy production and preservation solution.

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