Terms of Operations

Article 1 : Payment

a) 60% advance payment is required together with purchase order, or you may sign quotation for approval, for us to start the job.
b) 40%Balance payment is to be made on inspection of goods. Goods will be delivered only after full payment is received by us.
c) Once the goods are ready the customer will pay in full the balance payment due. We shall not hold goods in our stores for more than 2 weeks awaiting site to get ready or otherwise. Even if payment is made in full, we can store goods only for 3 weeks. An extra cost of 1% will be charged daily for storage costs after 3 weeks.
d) In case of delays on collection we can deviate goods to other clients and a fresh delivery date will be agreed on.
e) A client is advised to come for inspection after fabrication of goods to confirm the quantity and quality of equipment. In case any adjustments need to be done, then this is the best time since it might be difficult to adjust at site during installation
f) VAT is charged 16% extra above the prices quoted in the quotation.
g) If the customer is exempt from VAT, the customer has to arrange a VAT exemption letter before the delivery of goods. The exemption letter should mention our invoice number on which exemption is certified. Goods cannot be delivered before the exemption letter is given to us.
h) All taxes both foreign and local are borne by the customer.

Article II. Completion of Work

a) Date of start of work will be from date of receipt of advance payment, L.P.O and Savanna Circuit contract
b) Fabrication of goods will require weeks from the date of receipt of payment, L.P.O and signed contract.
c) After inspection of products it can take one (1) to two (2) weeks for any corrective work required or pointed out by customers.
d) Packing will require three (3) to seven (7) days.
e) Documentation and transport (subject to equipment getting ready) will require one(1)- two (2) days.
f) All efforts will be made to ensure goods are ready for inspection on time. Sometimes delay may occur because of reasons beyond control or force majeure

Article III. Client Inspection

a) During production, the client is welcome for product viewing at 70% phase of production and for final inspection
b) Client will be notified by the relations manager 3 days prior to the visit
c) Strictly visits are on an appointment basis. Unscheduled client visits will be turned down.
d) Visit hours are from 10:00Am- 3:00Pm mostly on Thursdays
e) Savanna Circuit staff will support the client with explanations during the visits
f) Safety gear will be provided to the client while still at Savanna Circuit’s premise

Article IV. Warranty

1. For optimum working of the equipment, it is essential that the supply of other services are of the required specifications:
• Water should be soft and clear
• Drain should be right size and right position
• Gas should be of right size and right pressure
• Electrical supply should have stabilized and safety from phase failure, single phasing and short circuit.
• Trained qualified persons to authorize, clean and maintain equipment.
2. Equipment supplied will be of right specification as per the quotation and warranty terms are only applicable if savanna Circuit technicians have done the installation
a) Warranty is NOT applicable if the client selects different equipment of make, model, capacity than what is recommended that may strain the efficiency & effectiveness of the equipment.
b) Warranty is only valid if our technicians execute the installation. Installation done independently by the client will render the warranty null and void.
c) Warranty is only valid if our technicians execute the service/ repair works. Any service, repair works, and replacement of parts done by the client will render the warranty null and void.
d) All structural stainless-steel fabrication work will be under warranty for a period of 2 years.
e) All gas installation will be under warranty for a duration of 1 year.
f) All refrigeration installations will be under warranty for a duration of 12 months.
g) Electrical fittings do not carry any warranty because we don’t have control over the quality of power supply. Goods quoted for are of high quality and can last for very long if power guards to take care of voltage spikes and phase failure are installed.
h) Warranty period applies from the date of delivery.
i) Warranty does not cover the cost of transport, food and accommodation. It only covers the cost of replacement of spare parts without any charge.
j) Warranty terms are not applicable for damages caused by negligent use, unauthorized repairs carried out by others, wear and tear, faulty supply of gas, water or power etc. Only our technicians are authorized to carry out AMC and repairs.
k) Warranty terms apply only if full cost of equipment has been made to us. We cannot undertake repair and maintenance if the equipment has not been paid for in full.
l) We shall either replace the malfunctioning spare parts or refund the cost of spare parts. The client cannot claim any other consequential damages like loss of business, profits materials etc.
m) Rational carries a 2-year warranty if Savanna Circuit installs the machines.

Repair and maintenance under guarantee will be carried out during work hours between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm, from Monday to Saturday only.

Article V. Installation

a) Our site engineer will carry out a pre installation inspection to confirm if the site is ready for installation. The installation period starts once we confirm that the site is ready for installation.
b) Client is responsible for finishing wet works, paints, tiling, electrical, water, drainage, gas line to the position and ratings specified for the equipment.
c) Clients should provide a lockable secure place to store equipment and machinery during installation. The client should arrange necessary power supply, water and drainage.
d) All terminal fittings i.e. isolators, status, water-taps, drainage fittings should be supplied and fitted by the client and within 1.0M distance from the location of the equipment to be installed.
e) Food and accommodation for technicians, supervisors, site managers, to be arranged by the client during site visits, meetings and installation. It is advised that the client arrange for suitable food and accommodation near the installation site so that installation can happen within a short period of time.
f) In case the site does not get ready in time or power/water connections are not arranged in time, and we have to revisit to complete the remaining installation, installation costs will be charged extra.
g) Installation is deemed complete once the goods are put into use by the client.
h) Installation of sinks, supply of water taps, terminal taps and drain fittings etc have to be arranged by the customer.
Clients will provide labor, specialized machines (fork lift/cranes) to off load and move equipment to final positions.
i) Installations will only be carried out during work hours from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Saturday only
j) Client will provide for permits, necessary permission, licenses, designated area passes and necessary approvals from authorities.
k) Installations may require technicians, a supervisor and manager on site.

Article VI. Transport of goods

  1. We outsource transport of goods. We charge the actual We will be happy if the customer can arrange their own transport otherwise there will be an extra cost as shown in the quotation.
  2. Clients will be responsible for any licenses or insurance needed during transportation especially for motorbikes, tricycles or any other means of transportation.
  3. Savanna Circuit will support during dispatch with relevant authorization letters
  4. Clients will equally be responsible for equipment loading and offloading

Article VII. Insurance

The goods are made of stainless steel, its finishes are important. We strongly recommend that insurance be arranged by yourselves to avoid damages and loss due to theft or accidents during transport. We charge 1% extra if insurance is to be arranged by us.

Article VIII. After sale services

a) We shall provide 2 free preventive maintenance services, ready at the end of two quarters after installation on turnkey projects. After the free service we recommend that the client signs an Annual Maintenance Contract. This will prevent further breakdown of equipment and ensure that equipment continues to work and generate revenue.
We shall submit the details of AMC and the cost separately. We normally stock a healthy quantity of spare parts but if not, available we airlift the same. Having AMC ensures that spare parts are made available at the earliest.
b) We suggest that the client invest 5% of the value of the contract in purchasing the required spare parts so that we can service and fit when required.
c) We can train your technicians to carry out minor repairs for maintenance. This requires two weeks training at our workshop in Nairobi.

Article IX. Goods

Goods remain the property of Sheffield Steel Systems Limited until full and final payment is made. We have full right to remove goods if payment is not made.

Article X. Goods return

  1. The Company may take up to three business days from the time the items/goods returned are received, to determine the condition of the item(s) returned for replacement, exchange or refund before communicating the findings to the client.
  2. Clients are expected to notify the Company if an item is to be returned within 5 days of delivery/receipt. Otherwise the item(s) will be assumed to be in good working condition considering that they are tested for the client during inspection before delivery.
  3. A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number will be assigned to an authorized return. The RGA form will be emailed or faxed to the customer within 72 hours/3working days.
  4. Client to present the original receipt and invoice.
  5. Items must be returned to the Company premises within 15 days from the date of delivery.
  6. In the event that a refund is issued, 5% will be deducted from the total price of the item returned to cater for administrative and other related costs incurred in the process; In the event that a Credit Note is granted, 3% will be deducted from the total price of the item returned if the item’s seal has been broken, and a further charge on depreciation will be levied depending on the usage. This is necessitated by the fact that such items are treated strictly as second-hand items and would not be easily disposed of by the Company.
  7. Transport cost for returning, replacing or exchanging any item shall be borne by the client.
  8. Products rejected must be returned with an appropriately filled RGA form for inspection and evaluation. An Application Information Form will be issued and should be completed and returned with the product. This form is required for inspection and evaluation purposes.
  9. Refund(s) will be processed within 30 days from the date the returned item(s) are received.

Article XI. Validity of the quotation

Validity of the quotation is 14 days from date of quotation. Offer valid while stocks last.

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