Who we are

Savanna Circuit Technologies LTD is a manufacturing and last mile distribution company that provides dairy farmers and cooperatives with portable solar milk chillers,quality control equipment and farmer management system-offering real-time data from collection points -while cutting milk spillage and spoilage for maximized profits through our lease model.

Our Approach

Our success strategy anchors on bringing satisfaction across the dairy value chain.Accounting for every drop of milk makes the farmer happy and milk volume increases hence cooperatives run sustainably.Good milk quality is joy to the processor who in turn pay farmers more and the cooperatives can effectively pay us the service fee. In return, we create a knowledge base from the daily collections to provide AI based actionable information for stakeholders in the value chain hence closing the gap.




Our Products

Our wide range of products ensures that we reach all farmers across terrains and economic classes


MaziwaPlus Mini (motorcycle)

At 140 L capacity. This unit is capable of maintaining milk quality for upto 15 hours.It can be mounted on any motorcycle


MaziwaPlus Mega (tuk-tuk)

The mega Unit is mounted on a three-wheeler capable of carrying up-to 1.5 ton weight. This 800L capacity unit can preserve the quality of milk for up to 72 hours at 4 degrees celsius.


M-Plus DMS

This integrated system contains Sacco, Accounting, management and collection module with electronic receipting via sms on collection of milk

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