We’re excited to share with you the impactful work being done by Savanna Circuit, a leading for-profit manufacturing enterprise in Kenya. Savanna Circuit specializes in providing solar-powered portable coolers equipped with Quality Tracking IoT devices and AI cloud analytics software.

As we collectively strive to make a difference in the fight against Food Loss and Waste (FLW), we encourage you to consider becoming advocates for this critical cause. Here are three steps to get started:


  1. Raise Awareness 

Share Savanna Circuit’s story and mission with your network, highlighting the positive impact they’ve made in reducing PHL and promoting sustainable practices. Knowledge is power, and by spreading the word, we can encourage more individuals and businesses to adopt similar solutions. Follow us on social media too!


  1. Collaborate and Support 

Collaborate with organizations like Savanna Circuit and support their initiatives. Whether through partnerships, sponsorships, or mentorship, your involvement can catalyze positive change and promote the adoption of sustainable practices in the agricultural sector.


  1. Advocate for Policy Change 

 Advocate for policies that incentivize the adoption of renewable energy and sustainable technologies in the agricultural sector. Invite Savanna Circuit to engage with local and national authorities to create an enabling environment so as to thrive and make a greater impact.


Together, we can play a vital role in reducing post-harvest losses and ensuring food safety for our communities. Let’s join hands and create a brighter, more sustainable future for East Africa and beyond. Thank you for your commitment to making a difference in the fight against Food Loss and Waste.