Women in developing countries make up up to 43% of farmers according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation. However, over recent years, little research has been done to cater to women’s role in dairy farming.

Innovations and technological interventions in dairy farming could be useful in dairy farming.

Rural women’s role in agriculture at large helps bridge the objectives set by the African Union Agenda 2063 and UN Sustainability Goals to get rid of hunger and poverty, eventually transforming economies.

In Savanna Circuit, we innovate technologies that are inclusive for all to help in the reduction of post-harvest losses. The Maziwaplus prechillers are solar-powered. The design is in place to take part in climate action, reducing over-reliance on fossil fuels. By preventing spillage and spoilage, one becomes a post-harvest champion.

Having software like the MaziwaPlus Dairy Management system that stores data while keeping track of sales made has been pivotal in transforming economies in modern agriculture.

Reducing gender inequality within farming by inclusivity will empower women and girls.