As we bid farewell to a transformative year, we’re thrilled to share the remarkable success of the “Harvesting Hope” campaign, a collaborative effort by SPARC and Savanna Circuit. This initiative, aimed at spotlighting innovative solutions for post-harvest loss in ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Lands) communities in Kenya, has left an enduring legacy of success.


Through Wowzi, the campaign achieved remarkable success in raising awareness of Savanna Circuit’s product. The compelling stories from farmers, coupled with impactful visuals, effectively embedded the product in the minds of our audience, reaching and inspiring 500,000 customers in target cities.


Social media emerged as a dynamic platform for engagement. Strategic use of targeted ads, organic posts, and interactive content facilitated significant interaction. The community’s comments, shares, and active participation demonstrated eagerness to be part of the conversation on sustainable agriculture.


The heart of the campaign lay in impactful stories shared by farmers, adding a human touch to Savanna Circuit’s innovative solutions. These success stories continued to resonate throughout the year, illustrating the tangible difference the technology made in the lives of those in ASAL communities.


The call to action resonated strongly, with active participation, content sharing, and meaningful interactions showcasing a community eager to contribute. The sense of collective responsibility for sustainable agriculture in Kenya became a driving force behind the campaign’s success.


The campaign celebrated the collaborative spirit between SPARC and Savanna Circuit. This partnership, fueled by a shared vision for positive change, stood as a shining example of diverse entities uniting for a common goal. The commitment to sustainable practices and achieving universal health coverage was highlighted consistently.


As we reflect on the year gone by, the legacy of “Harvesting Hope” extends beyond metrics and numbers. The campaign has left an indelible mark on sustainable agriculture, showcasing the power of collaboration, community engagement, and the transformative impact of technology on farming practices.


In the spirit of the campaign’s success, SPARC and Savanna Circuit eagerly anticipate continued efforts in championing sustainable agriculture, reducing post-harvest loss, and creating a brighter, more resilient future for ASAL communities in Kenya.


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